WITS 3 Telecom Security & Fraud Prevention

Telecom "Phone" Fraud

Telephone fraud costs the telecommunications industry $4 billion a year. Verizon leads the way in implementing the most advanced technology available to radically reduce fraud.

See below for tips on how to prevent telecom fraud in your business and even at home.

Telephone Fraud


Fraudulent Business Calls


Consumer Scams

Verizon is committed to protecting our customers by detecting suspicious calling patterns and acting upon them to prevent telephone and identity fraud.

See below to become aware of the latest scams:

Security Procedures for Malicious/Threatening Calls

In the event that a telephone conversation escalates to a malicious assault, bomb threat, or any other life-threatening call, follow the Security Procedures outlined in Section 5.4 of the Client's Guide.

Telecommunications Security and Priority

For information about services to maintain a state of readiness or to respond to and manage any event or crisis (local, national or international), see National Security and Emergency Preparedness Telecommunications Programs.