WITS 3 Trouble Reporting


Contacting the Verizon WITS 3 Customer Service Center (CSC) "first" to report troubles allows for a quicker response time. The CSC is a fully centralized, automated, and 24x7 customer care operation. Verizon's CSC can accept voice, fax, and e-mail reports from customers, operational systems, preventive and remedial maintenance operations, vendors, other contractors, IXCs, LECs, and employees. With convenient access to maintenance services on all WITS 3 products and services, federal customers can get the support they need for the systems that support their agency's mission.

Contact the CSC


1-202-392-0405 (Civilian customers)
1-202-776-0458 (DoD customers)

Billing Group
1-800-381-3444, option 5

Service@once Access Help Desk
1-800-381-3444, option 6 
More information on Service@once Customer Support.


Web Site


Trouble Resolution Intervals

Verizon will resolve troubles on both a routine and emergency basis. The trouble report will specify whether routine or emergency handling is required. Restoration commitments for routine handling of a dispatched service is the next business day; for routine handling of a non-dispatched service is within four (4) hours or by a negotiated clearing time; and for emergency handling is within four (4) consecutive hours. Verizon will provide escalation intervals of one hour for emergency service category troubles and two hours for routine service category troubles when the restoration commitment has been missed regardless of the type of service arrangement for both voice and data products and services.


Escalation Procedures

Verizon is committed to providing the best quality products and services to our WITS 3 customers. The Verizon WITS 3 CSC at 1-800-381-3444 should be the "first" Point of Contact for all customer service orders, trouble calls, queries, and issue resolution. This allows customer issues to be managed and resolved more efficiently and timely. The CSC also interfaces daily with government personnel.

Problems that cannot be resolved at the WITS 3 CSC will automatically escalate to a CSC Business Office Manager, then to the Billing and Provisioning Manager or Operations, Administration & Maintenance (OA&M) Manager, and, if not resolved at this level, to the General Manager. Outside of normal business hours calls should be made to the WITS 3 CSC and, if necessary, the duty supervisor will contact the appropriate manager. If through the escalation process a quality defect appears to be systemic and not easily corrected, the Verizon WITS 3 Quality Assurance Manager (QAM) will be contacted, and a quality analysis will be conducted. Root cause(s) will be identified, process development will occur, and corrective action will be implemented.


Verizon WITS 3 Escalation Contacts:


Customer Service Center (CSC) Business Office Managers

Service Orders
Business Office - Civilian and DoD

Tracey Tittley
Email: tracey.a.tittley@verizon.com

Trouble Calls
Maintenance & Repair

Melvin J. Shook, III 

Julie R. Bright 

Billing Issues
Billing Manager

Tonetta Spencer 
Email: tonetta.spencer@verizon.com


CSC Management

Billing and Provisioning Manager

Jason P. Anderson
Office: 301-288-9415
Mobile: 202-527-4668
Email: jason.p.anderson@verizon.com

Administration & Maintenance Manager

Melba S. Turner
Email: melba.s.turner@verizon.com


Program/Provisioning Management

Program Manager

Jason P. Anderson
Office: 301-288-9415
Mobile: 202-527-4668
Email: jason.p.anderson@verizon.com



  • Calling CSC as "first" Point of Contact avoids delays in resolution due to a second tier of reporting.
  • One number reaches the CSC to receive maintenance on all WITS 3 products and services.
  • Access to the CSC is 24x7.
  • Service@once fully automates the trouble reporting process.
  • Maintenance requests can be sent to the CSC by phone, fax, or e-mail.
  • Customers get WITS 3 guaranteed service levels and emergency maintenance.
  • Experienced technicians understand the technology and customer requirements.
  • Automatic escalation procedures go into effect if not resolved by CSC staff.
  • Quality Assurance Manager (QAM) is notified when systemic problems require analysis and correction.