Analog Line


Analog lines are often referred to as Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) lines and provide a single analog communications circuit between the local end office (Class 5 switch) and the customer's telephone, key system, fax machine or modem. The analog line offers a reliable solution for routine business telecommunications applications.


  • Feature-rich & Flexible. Verizon offers an impressive array of local features that define and enhance its business line offering:
    • Caller ID
    • Call waiting
    • Speed dialing
    • Conference call (three-way calling)
  • No oversubscription available. Analog lines are comprised of one phone number per line (1:1 ratio).
  • Practical. A large government office may provision business lines to use as a disaster recovery back up to a local PBX solution.
  • Customer Service. Verizon is the single point of contact.



Verizon supports two-wire analog lines with loop signaling at 4000 Hz bandwidth per the specifications in Telcordia Pub SR-TSV-002275, Section 13.2.2.

  • Connects homes/businesses over copper wires (copper wires wound around each other are called "twisted pair”).
  • Traditionally used for voice communications using an analog signal.
  • Support data by utilizing a modem at a maximum rate of 56 Kbps.
  • Typically provisioned with "loop start signaling".