Asynchronous Transfer
Mode Service

***ANNOUNCEMENT*** ATM Service has been retired.


Verizon Business ATM service encodes data traffic into small (53 bytes; 48 bytes of data and 5 bytes of header information) fixed-sized cells. It provides coverage across the National Capital Region. Our redundant network architecture includes physically-diverse network trunking at speeds up to OC48. These trunk facilities interconnect Verizon Business ATM switches to create a fully redundant fast packet network to support full and automatic network restoration.

Standard features include extensive nationwide availability, multiple interface rates ranging from 1.5 Mbps (T1) to 622 Mbps (OC-12), and multiple service classes including constant, unspecified, variable (both real time and non real time) bit rates and permanent virtual circuits and switched virtual connection.


  • Cost effective. Multiple logical connections can be established over a single physical access line.
  • Port flexibility. Additional logical connections can be added to an existing ATM location with the need for additional access facilities or customer equipment.
  • High performance. Support of delay-sensitive applications such as real-time video, multimedia, file-transfers, and distributed computing.
  • Industry Leader. Verizon Business is a leader in ATM testing, deployment, and operations. We give federal agencies security and control similar to that of a private network with the flexibility and economies of a public network. Competitive access charges, fully scalable service, and advanced technology all make it easy for customers to take advantage of multiple applications without multiple networks.
  • Bandwidth flexibility. Verizon Business ATM supports CBR, VBR, and unspecified bit rate (UBR).


  • Comprehensive Solutions. Verizon Business ATM provides two levels of address and connection identification in the ATM technology platform for Permanent Virtual Circuits (PVCs): Virtual Channel Connections (VCCs) and Virtual Path Connections (VPCs). An ATM virtual channel is a single logical connection between ATM devices located at two different customer premises. An ATM virtual path is a collection of ATM virtual channels routed together throughout ATM Cell Relay Service (CRS) as a single unit. The customer has control of all VCCs on the VPCs.
  • Flexible Access. Verizon Business does restrict usage for ATM services within the WITS 3 service area. PVCs and SVCs may be bi-directional point-point or unidirectional point-multipoint.
  • Scalability. Our network is designed to have sufficient excess traffic capacity. Systems can be added or expanded in advance of traffic need in a manner that is transparent to customers.