CSDS - ISDN Basic Rate Interface


Circuit Switched Data Services (CSDS) ISDN BRI integrates service by letting users perform several digital functions at one time. ISDN BRI customers can research pertinent data on the Internet while participating in a conference call; fax important documents while e-mailing the recipients; and send large digital files (graphics or text) in a quarter of the time it would take with an ordinary dial-up connection. All of this can be accomplished with ordinary copper phone lines and an ISDN card.


  • Convenience. Users can perform several functions at one time.
  • Control Cost savings. Allows multiple desktop devices to share one loop, integrating multiple networks into one, and reducing onsite wiring. It can also help increases employee productivity efficiencies.
  • Simplicity. User does not need to purchase multiple lines to meet multiple needs.
  • Flexibility. Reliable dData connectivity from anywhere to anywhere, instantaneous connections, increased throughput and reduced error rate. In addition, ISDN BRIs provide the flexibility to meet changing requirements.


  • Simultaneous Voice, Data and Video. ISDN BRI describes an end-to-end digital telecommunications network architecture. This means the entire network including all facilities and equipment must be digital. The ISDN network architecture supports simultaneous transmission of voice, data, and image/video. The customer's ISDN line is a channelized "pipe" that supports simultaneous access to multiple service capabilities.
  • Feature Rich Functionality. ISDN BRIs support a broad spectrum of feature functionality.
  • Security. Secure Internet, intranet, and extranet access provides security to the user. ISDN can also be used to back up overflow dedicated services, such as Frame Relay, to protect ensure against outages or high volume congestion.
  • Speed. Voice calls can be made more quickly and with superior excellent call quality because ISDN is digital. Combining ISDN with Centrex gives your voice system additional power and helps improves productivity. Centrex ISDN gives you control over allocating the bandwidth across desktops to take advantage of the classic benefit of Centrex with the enhanced call handling features of ISDN. Faster data transmission speeds can result in shorter connection times and lower usage costs.
  • Network Reliability. Digital transmission reduces the risk of results in fewer errors and re-transmissions, and provides network reliability—all of which save you time and the resources increase productivity.

Services are not available in all areas. Please consult your Verizon Business representative for service availability and complete details.