Custom Redirect


Custom Redirect Service (CRS) is a voice communications service that allows federal agencies to route their inbound calls to alternate locations. It is ideal for federal agencies who want to reroute calls due to time of day, excess call volume, or who wish to reroute calls based on the specific inbound phone number; it is also beneficial for those federal agencies that need to support continuity planning. CRS transfers incoming calls to a predetermined alternate location — the desired number is identified using criteria determined by the federal agency and up to three sets of calling criteria can be preprogrammed. The federal agency may alter between the three criteria by placing a request with Verizon Business.


  • Almost instantaneous redirection
  • Virtual 24X7 access to federal agency database for redirection instructions
  • 24X7 AIN single point of contact
  • Redirection to virtually any number in the world
  • Fully customizable to federal agency traffic and business continuity needs
  • Uniform pricing and feature set throughout the Verizon Business footprint
  • Minimize call loss in any type of service effecting/building access emergency

Application Drivers

  • Disaster recovery sites
  • Business continuity
  • Call centers
  • Facility control
  • Traffic control
  • Multi-location federal agencies with critical inbound traffic
  • Need to disseminate information during a service

Value Proposition

  • Disaster recovery/income protection
  • Improved federal agency service
  • Improve cost-effectiveness of call centers
  • Supports flexible work arrangements, such as telecommuting
  • Changes routing criteria as federal agency needs change


  • AIN Triggers Intercept Calls. CRS uses AIN triggers in the central office to intercept calls to identified telephone numbers and then uses call processing information in the AIN network to determine where the calls should be delivered.
  • AIN Adds Advanced Computer Intelligence. This telephone network architecture adds intelligence to the phone system for processing and tailoring advanced features to federal agency needs. The service is placed on telephone numbers, not facilities, and there are no restrictions regarding type of service required to order CRS. In fact, with redirecting telephone numbers, a number may be provisioned with CRS yet not have any additional services associated with it.