DTS – Dedicated SONET Ring


Dedicated SONET Ring (DSR) is a customized self-healing SONET ring designed to meet the customer's specific requirements for bandwidth, traffic patterns, service locations and anticipated growth. DSR is a dedicated, high-capacity, private transport network, interconnecting multiple customer locations within the Verizon network. Because it is a self-healing ring solely dedicated to the transfer of a customer's traffic, it provides the customer with high levels of survivability in the event of a facility or SONET-based equipment failure.



  • Multiple Services – Single Backbone. Customers are able to run TDM, Ethernet Private Line (EPL), and switched Ethernet services over the same DSR backbone.
  • Flexibility. DSR provides flexible native Ethernet connections to Ethernet Customer Premises Equipment (CPE).
  • Multiple Endpoints. Customers are able to reach multiple endpoints from a single UNI (E-LAN).
  • WAN/LAN Functionality. Ethernet services create an optical WAN/LAN within the customer’s DSR .



  • Feature Rich. SONET-based services have the following features:
    • Survivability: DSR is installed over a resilient, dual-fiber ring architecture.
    • Reliability: DSR provides highly available and reliable service.
    • Fully managed Verizon solution: DSR service is monitored 24x7.
    • Fully dedicated service: Both the facilities and ADM nodes are fully dedicated.
    • Multi-service platform: DSR facilitates network convergence by providing the ability to bundle a variety of interfaces on one fiber backbone (IP and TDM).
    • Integrated Ethernet multi-point capability: The Ethernet switching capability of Ethernet Packet Ring Service (EPRS) enables multi-point connectivity via bandwidth allocated between locations on the DSR.
    • Cost-effectiveness: Verizon Business offers flexible bandwidth and pricing options with term discount plans.
  • Scalability: DSR can meet current and future bandwidth requirements with no forklift upgrades required.

Services are not available in all areas. Please consult your Verizon Business representative for service availability and complete details.