Managed Mobility


Whether you are looking for ways to control costs through better management of your mobile assets and expenses or you need to secure the data traveling in and out of them, Verizon Business can help you address your mobility management needs. From sourcing, deploying and management, to support, repair, and refresh, we have solutions for every step of the lifecycle.



Take Control of Your Wireless Expenses and Assets.

  • Control spending through rate plan and feature optimization, identification of unused devices, and invoice validation
  • Track mobile assets and associate devices with end-users
  • Assign departmental/command charges and allocate pooled minuteaccess fees based on individual usage
  • Automate the logistics of mobile device ordering/provisioning via a single carrier agnostic web portal, including workflow tracking and authorization

In these tough economic times you need to work more efficiently and streamline expenses wherever you can. WEAMS can help you take control of your mobile assets and manage them more efficiently.

Protect Your Device and Safeguard Your Investment.

It’s also important to deploy effective tools and policies to safeguard your mobile assets against theft, viruses, and malicious attacks. The portable nature of these devices makes it easy for them to be lost or stolen, putting sensitive data at risk. Since they are increasingly being used in much the same way as desktop computers, they are now susceptible to the same type of threats seen in recent years on PCs. These malicious attacks can not only impair the device, but can potentially breach enterprise security, compromise classified information, and negatively impact regulatory compliance.

Verizon Business offers Mobile Security Shield (MSS) which provides users with protection against mobile Malware and Spyware. MSS offers anti-virus, anti-spam and personal firewall options for all major smartphone device platforms, including BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, WinCE, Symbian and Google Android, we can tailor a solution to meet your specific needs. A subscription-based service with over-the air registration, the following features are just a download away:

  • Flexible, virus-scanning options provide users with Malware detection capabilities to help keep devices clean and protected
  • Auto-Update capabilities ensure your Smartphones remain current with the latest anti-virus signatures
  • Stateful firewall helps protect a smart phone that is not already equipped with a personal firewall against malicious attacks
  • Anti-Spam stops unwanted voice and message communications

Stay Connected and Keep it Secure.

Protecting your devices against viruses and theft is an important part of any mobile management strategy, but security can’t stop there. Data and information being transmitted in and out of your mobile devices also needs to be secure.

Verizon Business offers a FIPS 140-2 validated Intelligent Mobile VPN solution (MVPN) for Microsoft OS enabled devices, that secures wireless access to data on your network. From command and control to force protection, MVPN can securely extend mission-critical applications to the point of activity, using virtually any type of device or network, including Wi-Fi, 3G (EVDO and HSPA), Satellite, WiMAX, and Ethernet. And because it is completely software based, there is no additional handheld hardware investment needed. So, whether you are charged with enabling secure mobile access to information resources for homeland security, military missions, or on-the-road connectivity for emergency response teams, Verizon Business has a solution to address your needs.

Improve Your Quality of Support and Help Reduce Downtime.

You’ve made a sizeable investment procuring hundreds, if not thousands, of mobile devices. They play a critical role in the operations of your extended enterprise. To get the most out of your investment, a comprehensive mobility management strategy needs to include solutions for repairing and refreshing your mobile assets. Downtime reduces productivity and that can have a negative impact on your bottom line.

To help you get the most from your investments, Verizon Business also offers Mobility Infrastructure & Device Management platform (MIDM), a tool that proactively monitors your entire BlackBerry infrastructure in real time and provides detailed information about system conditions. This can help you identify and solve problems, often before they are noticed by the user. A simple online dashboard puts an end to the tedious search for problems by helping you identify the source of the issue. And regardless of whether your end-user is across town, across the country, or on the other side of the world, as long as their Blackberry Smartphone is on the public wireless network or connected via Wi Fi, your help desk can take remote control of the device and facilitate issue resolution.


Services are not available in all areas. Please consult your Verizon Business representative for service availability and complete details.