Voice Mail


Voice Mail is a central office-based voice messaging service that provides automated 24-hour answering service when combined with a call forwarding arrangement. Multiple, simultaneous calls will be forwarded to the mailbox when the line is busy or unanswered.



  • Work remotely and stay in contact with co-workers and customers.
  • Receive important faxed documents.
  • Send important group messages by using the voice broadcast feature.
  • Increase productivity by eliminating “telephone tag”.
  • Control long distance expenses when traveling by sending messages through the voice mail network.
  • Provides personalized announcements that notifies callers of absence from the office for travel or vacation.
  • Answers calls when the phone is in use or the call cannot be answered.
  • Mailbox can be accessed from any touch tone or tone-signaling telephone anywhere.
  • Mailbox messaging (T-Mail) capability to other Verizon Business mailboxes within the regional calling area.



Voice messaging is an off-premises-based solution located within Verizon Business’s central office.

  • Dedicated Access.The customer is restricted to the number of lines in the hunt group that was ordered.
  • Shared Access.Users will share a larger hunt group with other business and residential subscribers. The customer will pay for usage on all calls forwarded to their mailboxes and for users’ calls to the access number to retrieve messages. There will be a charge only if the voice mail is forwarded to a remote location where the service is provided by the government’s long distance provider. There is a monthly charge for the mailbox.
  • Storage. Available with 30 or 45 minutes of storage and a combination voice and fax mailbox - voice mail w/fax - also is available.
  • Messaging Only. Voice Mail can be provisioned as a messaging-only mailbox if the customer does not have a telephone number to associate with the mailbox.