VoIP - Managed IP PBX


Verizon Business’s managed IP PBX provides government agencies a premises-based, managed IP telephony solution. Verizon Business’s solution provides the government with the following IP Communications (IPC) service packages:

  • IPC Assessment
  • IPC Planning
  • IPC Implementation
  • IPC Management

Verizon Business’s managed software-based, call-processing components extend telephony features and functions to packet telephony network devices such as IP phones, media processing devices and VoIP gateways. Productivity features such as unified messaging interact through Verizon Business’s CPE-based hardware platforms and open telephony API. Distribution of call processing servers, IP phones, gateways, and applications across an IP network provide customers with a distributed, virtual telephony network. This architecture provides a highly reliable and scalable system. Call admission control helps ensure that voice Quality of Service (QoS) is maintained across a constricted WAN link and automatically diverts calls to alternate PSTN routes or SIP trunks/gateways when WAN bandwidth is not available.



  • System Availability. Managed IP PBX architecture provides high availability and scalability.
  • One Source. Government agencies will benefit from operating efficiencies through one point of accountability – streamlining the number of vendors and points of accountability and potential failure.
  • Control Costs. Verizon Business’ Managed IP PBX can help control the cost of your infrastructure and bandwidth.
  • Services. Take advantage of feature-rich data and voice services such as unified messaging, conferencing, and contact centers interact through open telephony Application Program Interface (API).



Building upon TDM-based voice and IP trunking, Verizon Business’s CPE-based managed IP PBX architecture provides a modular approach to VoIP and will support single and multiple sites. The government is provided the following services:

  • User Interface. The user community interfaces to the IP PBX network via IP-phones or soft phones. Traditional analog sets are also supported through analog gateways. Managed IP PBX does not support Basic Rate Interface (BRI) sets.
  • Call Processing Services/Application Services. Verizon Business’s solution creates a diversely centralized communications system in which government locations access services from central Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) systems, controlling the cost of bandwidth. Various application services are supported via CPE-based hardware on multiple or shared server platforms. These applications include voicemail, E-911, music-on-hold (MOH), and additional IP-based services and features.
  • PSTN Gateway Services. Gateways communicate to either the PSTN or third party PBX by converting traditional TDM (analog or digital) signals to IP data. With the exception of SONET interfaces, Verizon Business supports required voice interfaces to the PSTN. SONET interfaces may be supported via special design and build where required for termination of STS-1 & OC-1 interfaces. As an alternative, IP trunking offers cost-effective off-network call connectivity using an IP pipe to deliver call traffic for Verizon Business VoIP services. IP-based calls are handed to Verizon Business and completed to any local NCR, regional, or global destination via both types of PSTN gateways.
  • Network Management & Security. Verizon Business can provide the government end-to-end support and management of its IP communications infrastructure. Verizon Business’s IP PBX and CPE management is included in the baseline solution. Verizon Business’s LAN and WAN management are additional options. Security management service includes firewalls and intrusion detection/prevention devices.

Technology is migrating towards a converged network. Verizon Business is leading the advance by evolving its carrier network. Verizon Business’s modular approach allows the government to migrate at its own pace by allowing for a hybrid environment supporting both TDM and IP technologies.

Services are not available in all areas. Please consult your Verizon Business representative for service availability and complete details.