Web-Based Directory Service


Web-based Directory Services (WBDS) is a browser-based application that provides customers with a Web-based directory assistance (DA) mechanism. This service is available to retrieve directory assisted information via Verizon Business’ frame relay, ATM, and IP data services. WBDS is more dynamic than traditional telephony-based directory assistance services. Verizon Business WBDS performs comprehensive searches to retrieve business and residential names, phone numbers, and addresses by providing a Web-based service interface to access Verizon Business high-quality DA information.



  • Cost Effective. Web-based Directory Assistance help control the cost associated with directory assistance. In addition, users can reduce the maintenance cost by integrating various databases.
  • Productivity Gains. Users can improve productivity by integrating directory information database and improving data consistency and accuracy.



  • Multiple Interfaces. Customers who typically dial long distance or 411 on a local connection to access national listings can have a less expensive and more intuitive interface alternative via a Verizon Business data network connection. Verizon Business also offers a Web services interface to the WBDS database. Directory Assistance Web Services (DAWS) provides programmatic access through the use of a standards-based Extensible Markup Language (XML)/Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) interface. With this service, once customers complete the existing registration process for Web-based directory assistance, they receive an additional access method to integrate applications to the WBDS data.
  • Flexibility. Customers connect to WBDS by using Verizon Business Internet protocol and frame relay data services. If the customer uses ATM, this connection is established with a FRASI interface to convert the ATM service into frame relay private virtual circuits (PVC). The correct PVC size can be determined by using the bandwidth calculator provided by Verizon Business.
  • Privacy. WBDS requires customers to order bi-directional PVCs for their frame port and to have a browser-based environment to connect with the WBDS servers. A customer’s intranet is connected through their data services to Verizon Business. Since the customers’ intranet interfaces with a public network, an IP router and server table controls are required to maintain the privacy of the customers’ connectivity. An extensive firewall implemented at both the Verizon Business and customer premises further protects this privacy.