Web Conferencing


Web Conferencing Service enables participants to share information, documents, or applications interactively via the Internet regardless of location. Web Conferencing Service improves productivity and communication and saves travel costs by providing scheduled or ad hoc secure, user-friendly Web conferencing.


  • Saves Money. You don’t have to send employees on expensive business travel with Verizon Business’ Web Conferencing Service. Verizon Business offers a full range of conferencing services that enable customers to conduct interactive meetings and online events.


  • Reserved Net Conference. Reserved Net Conference, powered by Microsoft Live Meeting Professional, is ideal for large or small highly visible events or for leaders that need additional support. It’s an easy and reliable tool for Web seminars, town hall meetings, employee updates, press releases, or training sessions. With on-demand service, Verizon Business Net Specialists are available to help participants join meetings, conduct formal Q&A sessions, and collaborate on documents in real-time. In addition, a leader may select the Operator Hosting feature whereby Verizon Business helps upload and move the slides for presenters that are unable to connect to the Internet or want to concentrate on their content.
  • Net Replay. A feature of Reserved Net Conference, can be ordered at the time the conference is reserved. During the presentation, Verizon Business will record and synchronize both the data and audio portions of the call.
  • Instant Net Conference. Instant Net Conference enables customers to create a Web conference within seconds without a reservation. This option is perfect when questions arise on conference calls or when pulling together a small group for a presentation. It can also be used as a personal meeting place, available whenever it’s needed. For each Instant Net Conference, subscription leaders are provided with a consistent meeting ID and password that they can communicate to participants at a moment’s notice. Instant Net Conference is powered by WebEx Meeting Center Pro or through Live Meeting Professional. With either platform, customers will be able to create presentations, edit documents and collaborate in real-time.
  • Customized Net Conference. Verizon Business understands that one size does not fit all. That’s why Verizon Business created customized Net Conferencing, which allows customers to personalize a site with their company logos and links to their company sites and literature. Customers can disable certain features, such as Desktop Sharing or set up security and bandwidth policies. Customized Net Conference provides a user experience developed by Verizon Business that is similar to Live Meeting or WebEx.
  • Advanced Net Conference. Advanced Net Conference offers agencies an easy and effective way to communicate and collaborate over the Internet. Many Verizon Business customers combine Web conferencing with audio conferencing to deliver a complete communications solution.
  • Web Conferencing Security. Conference ID names for Web conferences are randomly assigned. Passcodes can be randomly assigned or the leader can choose the passcode.
  • Robust Security For All Web Conferencing Service Options. Verizon Business Web Conferencing Service is a trusted, secure environment for conducting meetings. Our core Web Conferencing Service security strategies include Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption; a three-tier firewall configuration using stateful packet inspection; and network- and host-based intrusion detection tools deployed to identify various security related issues in real-time. Web servers are hardened according to Verizon Business policy–only required applications and services are installed. Remote server access is limited to certain Verizon Business internal IP addresses or secure VPN IP addresses, and remote server access requires the use of SSH. FTP is not used; password-enabled SFTP is required. Conference ID names for Web conferences are randomly assigned. Passcodes can be randomly assigned or the leader can choose the passcode.
  • Crisis Management. In times of crisis, customers need a way to communicate with updates as often as possible. Instant Net Conference enables customers to set-up and maintain a subscription to be used in case of emergency. Key personnel would know the meeting ID and password to join if a situation develops.