Web Hosting


Verizon Business provides federal customers with high-performance, high-bandwidth, and scalable Web hosting to meet current needs and accommodate future growth. These Web hosting solutions include server hardware and software, high-speed redundant Internet connections, and operation management and reporting services. Verizon Business services feature state-of-the-art data centers strategically located at key network exchange points with high performance, secure, highly available computer and network support environment.



  • Remote Access. Web hosting allows citizens and federal workers remote access to government information.
  • Reliability. By leveraging Verizon Business IP network, customers are directly connected to one of the most rigorously engineered networks in the industry. Additionally, their Web traffic flow has the ability to travel at high speeds with redundant, diversely routed bandwidth out of the data center facility via numerous paths.
  • Flexibility. Verizon Business-managed platforms offer a strong foundation designed to maintain an application’s reliability and availability.
  • Scalable. Verizon Business managed hosting services allows customers to outsource their Web-enabled business sites in a secure environment with 24x7 support and fast, reliable, and scalable bandwidth resources.



  • Dedicated Solution. Fully dedicated servers support robust Web sites featuring electronic commerce, Java script, streaming media, including audio and video. These solutions include fully-managed servers, network infrastructure, storage infrastructure, and firewalls; redundant, high-availability hosting solutions; 24x7 physical, logical, and network security; and comprehensive authentication services.
  • Reliability. Verizon Business offers high reliability with state-of-the-art smart center data centers, high-speed connectivity, and secure private networking. These data centers make up the heart of Verizon Business Web hosting offering. Their redundant network infrastructure drives Verizon Business smart services, managed applications, and professional services.
  • Professional Services. Verizon Business provides professional service, at an hourly rate, to assist customers in the development of Web pages and services and custom database applications as well as architecture consultation.
  • Security. The secure farm is a special room within the data center, designed for the highest levels of physical security required by federal agencies. The secure farm features anti-tailgating mechanisms, anti-pass back measures, and multiple video surveillance systems. Each customer’s infrastructure is completely enclosed in secure cages.