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Actiontec MI424WR to WPA

Verizon recommends using the strongest network security available (Wi-Fi Protected Access II, or WPA2) to protect your wireless network and secure your information against unauthorized access. However, your current router does not support WPA2. Verizon has created a promotional offer to allow you to upgrade to a router capable of supporting WPA2. To receive this WPA2 capable router upgrade, please click the button below to complete the ordering process.

How can I change my Actiontec MI424WR wireless network to WPA encryption?

The Actiontec MI424WR router is incompatible with WPA2 encryption, so WPA is the preferred encryption type.

Note: The configuration screens may vary slightly depending on when you purchased your router and the version of firmware running on it.

1. Open your Web browser and enter in the Address field. [Show Me]

2. Enter your router user name and password if prompted and click Ok[Show Me]

3. Click the Wireless Settings icon in the top toolbar. [Show Me]

4. Click Advanced Security Settings in the left navigation panel. [Show Me]

5. Select WPA in the Level 1 section to enable WPA network encryption.

6. Confirm that Pre-Shared Key is selected in the Authentication Method field.

7.  Select ASCII (combination of numbers and letters) or hex (combination of numbers 0 - 9 and letters A - F) as the format for your WPA encryption key. You may want to use the ASCII format because you can choose a phrase that's easier to remember. For example, you could enter EnjoySummerBe4Its2L8, which is much easier to remember than 64 random hex characters. [Show Me]

  • If you use the hex format, your encryption key must be 64 characters long.
  • If you use ASCII format, your encryption must be between 8 - 63 characters long.
  • Please create a strong, unique encryption key – do NOT use the encryption key that is printed on the label of your router or that may have been used with an older router.

8.  Enter your WPA encryption key in ASCII or Hex format in the Pre-Shared Key field.

9. Confirm that AES is selected in the Encryption Algorithm field. [Show Me]

10. Confirm that Group Key Update Interval is selected. One of the strengths of WPA encryption is that it self-generates a new key based on the original encryption key you enter. By enabling this field, you can control the time interval between the creation of the new encryption keys. [Show Me]

11. If you enabled Group Key Update Interval in the previous step, enter the number of seconds  in the Seconds field before a new encryption key is automatically generated. You may want to consider an interval around 3600 seconds.  [Show Me]

12. Click Apply to save your WPA settings.