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Connecting additional computers to your D-Link wireless network

Connecting to the wireless network

19. Select SiteSurvey to display the available wireless networks. If you're traveling or using your notebook computer outside of your home, you can use this screen to find the available wireless networks in the area. If there are multiple wireless networks available, select the network you want to access and click Connect.

20. Your computer is now connected to the network.

Note: If you're using MAC address filtering, you must add the MAC address of this computer to the MAC filter list in order to access your network.Continue with Step 3

Step 3: Testing your Internet connections

Steps to connect additional computers to an established D-Link wireless home network

The final step is to test the Internet connection on the computer you're adding to your network. This ensures that all the connections are secure, and the D-Link router and network adapter configurations are working properly.

1. Open your Internet browser on the computer connected to your router.

2. Enter in the Address field. The Verizon home page should display.

3. Repeat this process for each computer you're connecting to your wireless network.
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