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Updating the MAC Filtering list when connecting additional computers

If you connect additional computers to your network, you must add the MAC address of each additional computer to the list of computers that are allowed to access your network. Otherwise, the MAC address filter will prevent them from connecting to your network. 

To add MAC addresses to the list of computers that can access your network:

  1. Open your Web browser and enter in the Address field.

2. Select the Advanced tab and select Filters in the left pane. [Show Me]

3. Select MAC Filters.

4. Confirm that Disabled MAC Filters is selected while you enter the MAC addresses.

Entering the MAC addresses

5. Enter a name for the computer you're adding to your network in the Name field. You may want to give it a descriptive name like Dad's notebook or Family Room Desktop.  [Show Me]

6. Enter the computer's MAC Address.  [Show Me]

Note: If you don't know the MAC Address of the computers on your home network, you can use the command prompt in your Windows XP operating system to find it.

7. Click Apply. The computer will be added to the MAC Filter List.

8. Repeat Steps 5 - 7 for each computer you're adding to your home network.

9. When you've entered the MAC address of each computer you're connecting to your network, confirm that Only allow computers with MAC address listed below to access the network is selected. [Show Me]

10. Click Apply.