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Motorola 2708 Standard Definition DVR

Set up Set Top Box

If you are self-installing a Set-Top Box, follow the Self-Install User Guide that came with your equipment. If you've misplaced your guide, download a PDF of the guide:

For Arris models, VMS1100 or IPC1100, click here (1.7 mb) pdf image

For All Other Models (QIP 7216-1, 7218 models, 6200, 6416, 7199, 7216, 7232, CHS335, CHS435, 2500 SD models), click here (1.6 mb) pdf image

*Model numbers are located on the front of your Set Top Box

Have you completed all the preliminary steps and now need to activate your equipment? Follow the online activation steps. Activation takes approximately 30 minutes.

Wiring Diagrams for the Motorola 2708 SD DVR