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Prepare for the 5G Home Internet Self Setup Process

We are excited to get you started. Below is a checklist to prepare you to begin your Self Setup process.

Step 1: Let's begin with a quick Self Setup video to prepare you for the process.

Step 2: Review your equipment. You will receive the following to setup 5G Home Internet:

5G Home Receiver Box

  • 5G Home Receiver, includes:

    • Indoor receiver, attached to the indoor cradle

    • Outdoor receiver, attached to the indoor cradle

    • Indoor cradle

  • Mounting brackets (2)

  • Alcohol Prep pads

  • AC adapter

  • AC cable

  • Window wedge with velcro strips (2)

  • Cable guides

5G Home Router Box

  • 5G Home Router

  • AC adapter

  • Ethernet cable (wired connection only)

Optional: Wi-Fi Extender/Wi-Fi Extender Mini setup: To increase your Wi-Fi signal, you may setup a Wi-Fi Extender or Wi-Fi Extender Mini

Wi-Fi Extender Box includes:

  • Wi-Fi Extender

  • AC adapter

  • Ethernet Cable (only for wired setup)

Wi-Fi Extender Mini Box has no additional inbox items.

  • Optional: Home Phone Base setup: You may have purchased a Home Phone Base

Home Phone Base Box includes:

  • Home Phone Base

  • AC adapter and USB cable

  • RJ11 cable (phone cord)

Make sure to have a desk phone ready.

Step 3: Now that you have all your equipment:

  1. Open the My Verizon App and log in or download the app and create an account using your order number.

  2. Next, click on this link from a mobile device or type this URL into a mobile browser myverizon.verizon.com/5ghomesetup

  3. Follow the step by step instructions to begin your setup of the 5G Home Internet service.

  4. Remember, if you need any help just tap the (?) icon at anytime in the My Verizon App during the Self Setup process to call or message with 5G Home setup support.