Centrex is a managed network-hosted communications service. Federal agencies can outsource all network maintenance and technology upgrades to Verizon Business, while receiving the benefits of a world-class network. Centrex offers federal agencies the feature-rich service required to meet their business needs and provides an option to migrate to an integrated voice and data network that enables network flexibility and provides cost saving opportunities when the customer is ready to move forward.


  • Feature-rich platform designed for ease of use and enhanced productivity.
  • Flexible network access in numerous transport modes to accommodate a host of applications.
  • Scaleable and flexible solutions to support business efforts to grow and change.
  • Ability to manage features for more control.
  • Predictable pricing structure.
  • Access to Verizon Business AIN features, which allow agencies to tailor their communications network.
  • Connect to remote locations, teleworkers, contractors, and the public through the Verizon Business public telephone network.
  • Consistent standards and quality across the entire system.
  • Access and ability to take advantage of powerful technology quickly and cost effectively.
  • Local/long-distance access for connectivity to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN).
  • Management systems to monitor system performance and make changes.
  • Call accounting to track usage with rated detail.
  • Multi-site networks over virtual connections that simplify use and aggregate volume.
  • ISDN for greater bandwidth and functionality using inexpensive wiring.
  • Customer-Premises Equipment (CPE) with several telephones to suit any need.
  • Disaster planning that helps keep customers operational even when the power is out.
  • Voice mail to answer calls when a line is busy or there is no answer.
  • Business drivers
    • Financial flexibility and predictability
    • Minimal capital outlay
    • Scalability
    • Control costs and risk
    • Buy and keep only the features required
    • Reliability
      • Verizon Business reliability and availability
      • Six million Centrex lines in service
    • CO management and redundancy


  • A Portion of the CO is Reserved for Centrex Use. The combination of the common block, the outside facilities and the demarcation comprise the agency’s Centrex.
  • The government or Verizon Business can provide CPE.
  • Multiple Locations. A network-based product like Centrex is ideal for customers who have multiple locations within the same or different central office serving areas. The Centrex common block provides a common telephone system for all locations. To make a call between locations, employees can use a three or four digit extension number. There is no charge for these extension- to-extension calls.
  • Unified Telephone System. Centrex also works as a unified telephone system even when multiple Verizon Business central offices are involved.