CSDS – Channelized T1 Trunk


Channelized T1 trunk service is a high-capacity digital channel that carries voice grade local exchange and channel service between the customer's serving central office and compatible premises equipment.


  • High Performance. CSDS transmits large amounts of information at high speeds.
  • Control Costs. Meetings can be held by videoconferencing, reducing travel time and expense. Using high-capacity digital data services is an economical alternative to using multiple lower-speed channels to transmit the same information.
  • Security. Secure access reduces unauthorized network access.
  • Versatility. Users gain versatility to allocate a changing number of lines (up to a total of 24) to data transport, Internet access, local or long distance calling and rearrange them as needed.


  • High Speed Throughput. Broadband transmission capacity reduces the risk of network congestion and delays.
  • Decreased Delay. Dedicated Internet access helps prevents delays.
  • Consolidation. Digital data and voice connections provide high quality communications and helps control costs by consolidating voice and data services onto a single high-capacity digital circuit.
  • Security. High-speed, secure point-to-point communications with 99.9 percent availability.

Services are not available in all areas. Please consult your Verizon Business representative for service availability and complete details.