Dedicated Internet Access


Verizon Business’ dedicated access products offer the federal agencies high-performance, full-time dedicated Internet access. This product suite offers a range of options to suit access needs and support all mission-critical communications. Internet Dedicated Access Port Only offers permanently open, high-bandwidth, dedicated ports for connection to Verizon Business’ global IP network via access circuits from 56/64 Kbps to 45 Mbps in the National Capital Region. Standard Internet dedicated access includes IP services with domain name, DNS, news, IP addresses, and 24x7 monitoring.



  • Market Leader. Verizon Business was first-to-market with an OC-192 backbone network. Verizon Business’ global IP network is one of the highest-quality, most-scalable, and rigorously-engineered Internet networks in the world, spanning six continents. Verizon Business has thousands of global POPs making it one of the most expansive IP network in the world.
  • Speed and Reliability. The OC-48/OC-192 network carries traffic flow at a high transmission rate of up to 10 gigabits per second and is domestically protected against fiber cuts by true optical switches that can restore traffic in less than 50 milliseconds. Verizon Business strives to provide 100 percent availability, always-on connectivity to its customers.



  • Redundancy. Verizon Business Internet network architecture has been designed with redundancy and automatic failover of systems as guiding design principles. Verizon Business’ backbone hubs and Network Operations Center (NOC) use uninterruptible power supplies, batteries and diesel generators. The nature of IP routing and Verizon’s implementation of an Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) and Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM)-based network are designed to reduce the network impact due to the failure of any piece of equipment or backbone circuit.
  • Peering. Verizon Business maintains public and private peering connections with a variety of other Internet networks at speeds ranging from T-3 (45 Mbps) to OC-3 (155 Mbps). Since the research firm TeleGeography began tracking Internet backbone connectivity in 2001, the Verizon Business global IP network (formerly MCI) has ranked #1 as the “most connected backbone” each year (based on autonomous system connections). This enables our business customers and ISPs to reach more destinations directly through our global IP backbone than any other carrier.
  • Domain Name Service (DNS) and IP Address. Verizon Business will provide customers with IP addresses and domain name service.
  • Class of Service (CoS). As more customers look to push their voice, video, and key business applications onto a converged IP network, the ability to provide acceptable performance levels becomes more and more critical. Dedicated Internet Access allow Class of Service designation to enable key applications or network traffic to be prioritized by allowing customers to assign various degrees of importance to different types of network traffic.

Services are not available in all areas. Please consult your Verizon representative for service availability and complete details.