DTS – Dedicated Wavelength Ring (DWR)


Dedicated Wavelength Ring is an advanced data networking service that uses Dense Wave Division Multiplexing (DWDM) technology. DWDM uses the properties of refracted light to combine and separate optical signals based on their wavelengths within the optical spectrum. Therefore, DWDM allows for a more efficient use of existing fiber by providing multiple optical paths along a single pair of fibers.

DWDM allows for a greater range of protocol transmission better suited than legacy network for data-centric applications, (e.g. GigE, ESCON, Fibre Channel, D1 Video, ISC). Customers can consolidate multiple networks supporting these technologies along with SONET-based data networks, increasing network efficiency and centralizing network management.

Verizon Business DWR solutions use a ring or point-to-point architecture. DWDM is a Layer 1 transport technology that combines multiple optical data interfaces onto one optical fiber pair with each signal carried on its own separate light wavelength.



  • Network Security. Customers are able to help protect their networks while maintaining application availability.
  • Scalability. DWR offers flexibility bandwidth options.
  • Reliability. DWR provides reliable application performance and fast recovery.



  • Diversity. DWR is a dedicated customer ring network service using DWDM technology. DWRs consist of WITS 3 customer and Verizon Business Optical Add/Drop Multiplexer (OADM) nodes built in closed ring architecture with complete fiber and node diversity.
  • Consolidation of Server and Storage Farms. One of the major drivers for DWDM is the need to optically extend customers’ enterprise storage networks. These applications are referred to as storage area networking (SAN) solutions. SAN solutions provide:
    • Business continuance/disaster avoidance.
    • Remote disk mirroring.
    • Secure data sharing.
    • Video on demand.
    • Vertical specific applications.

Services are not available in all areas. Please consult your Verizon Business representative for service availability and complete details.