Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the 3-day and the 3-hour class?

The 3-day class prepares DARs to fully understand how to order the many services, and features available on the WITS 3 network. The course is designed to enable DARs to utilize Service@once in order to complete transactions such as entering service orders, obtaining price quotes, and requesting and receiving reports. 

The 3-hour course prepares DARS already experienced with Service@once to use the new WITS 3 Customer Care Portal to review service orders, repair requests, generate reports, and obtain price quotes.

What will I learn in this class?

You will learn how to navigate the WITS 3 Service@once system.

What is the level of experience that you need to have to attend a class?

The 3-day class is designed for users with no experience with the Service@once system.  The 3-hour class assumes the user has previous experience with the Service@once system.

How soon after I complete a class will I receive my username and password?  

Please allow 24-48 hours for receipt of this information.

Where is the class held? 

All classes are held at 13100 Columbia Pike, Silver Spring, MD 20904.

Is there an on-line version of this class?

“Hands-on” OSS training is required by the contract, as such, there is no on-line version of the class.

Is it possible to call into this class or must I attend in-person?

The Service@once training is a hands-on class, as such; the class must be attended in person.

Once certified, how often do I have to re-take this class to remain certified?

There is no re-certification required.

If I've attended class in the last few months, why am I required to re-attend class before being able to use the new system?

WITS 3 is a new contract.  Contractually, all WITS 3 users are required to attend training before gaining access to the WITS 3 Service@once system. The Service@once training offered in the past few months was for the WITS2001 Service@once system and did not address the enhancements to the WITS 3 Service@once system. A schedule of classes and the WITS 3 Service@once Training Request Form are both available. Users can register for training by completing the request form and faxing to the WITS 3 Service@once Training Coordinator at 202-392-7153.

Why won't I be able to order equipment from 1 September until 19 October? 

Customer order entry will be prohibited in the WITS2001 Service@once between September 1 and October 4.  This freeze period is necessary to allow the @once system support team to proceed with the conversion of the database from WITS2001 to WITS 3.  Customers transitioned to WITS 3 in October will resume order activity in the WITS 3 Service@once on October 18, following a 2 week “burn-in” period which will allow the CSC to enter manually worked orders placed during the freeze period. 

Customers who will be transitioned to WITS 3 in January 2010 will resume order activity in WITS2001 on October 5.

How can I order equipment between September 1st and October 19th, if I have to? Will there be an additional charge for ordering equipment this way?

Customers can send order requests to or fax 202-776-0458 or or fax 202-392-0405 or contact the WITS Customer Service Center at 1-800-381-3444 to process their equipment orders during the freeze period.  There will be no additional charge to process the equipment orders during the freeze period.

How does the new time out feature function?

The WITS 3 Portal is the ‘gateway’ to the Service@once application, but it is independent, making it possible to time out on the Portal and remain active and working in Service@once. While working in Service@once, a user will see a time out message from the Portal after approximately one hour. The user can choose to remain active in the Portal, or simply let it time out. 

Service@once will also have a time out period of one hour, although that is being extended temporarily due to orders being locked in the database.a In general, it is always recommended that users close any order window prior to leaving their work area for any length of time. If you experience an error message saying that your order has been locked, please contact the WITS 3 Customer Center 1-800-381-3444, option 6 to have the order unlocked.