Quality Assurance & Tools

Quality Commitment

Verizon's WITS 3 Program Management team and the Customer Service Center (CSC) are committed to providing WITS 3 customers with the best value products and highest quality service available in the telecommunications industry today.

Our commitment to customer service is as strong as our commitment to quality. This is why the Verizon Program Management team has a Quality Assurance Manager (QAM) dedicated to WITS 3. The QAM works closely with the GSA team to ensure customers are receiving quality products and services. To ensure timely and applicable response, it is very important for customers to contact the CSC "first" for all issues and concerns that they may be having with their service.

Process Improvement

The CSC's Trouble Reporting procedures include Service Restoration intervals and an Escalation process for problems that cannot be resolved at the CSC staffing level. Quality Control does not end at trouble resolution. The QAM is responsible for assuring that a systemic problem is a one-time occurrence. When improvement opportunities are diagnosed, the QAM along with an experienced support team perform a quality analysis, identify the root cause, create a plan of action, and implement the plan within the Verizon WITS 3 Program Management team and the CSC.

What can a customer do if their trouble is not resolved within the service restoration timeframes and has not been resolved through escalation?

If the customer is not satisfied with a product or service and resolution does not occur within the CSC and through escalation, the customer can contact the QAM directly. The Quality Assurance Manager (QAM) for the Verizon WITS 3 Program is Ramon Maclang. Ramon can be reached on 301-288-9283 or by e-mail: ramon.a.maclang@verizon.com

Quality Tools to Assist the Customer

  • Trouble Reporting & Escalation
  • Client's Guide
  • CSC Points of Contact
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