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Should I use WPA 2, WPA or WEP network encryption on my network?

Make Internet security a priority!  To make sure we do all we can to protect your information, our wireless routers have security settings that are available to help protect your home wireless network. Using the strongest network security available will go a long way to and secure your network and information against unauthorized access.  Verizon strongly recommends that you use WPA2 encryption, which provides the highest level of network security available today.
Please note that some consumer electronics manufactured before 2006 may not be compatible with a router using WPA2 encryption, so you may want to consider upgrading or replacing your devices with ones which are compatible with WPA2.  If you use devices not compatible with WPA2, Verizon recommends upgrading to WPA to provide improved security over WEP.
To upgrade your router security setting, please visit for information and instructions for your specific device.